The Journey

Austex International was founded on the principles of quality, diversity and top-notch client service. These tenets have driven our family business to achieve phenomenal success over the past 20 years, establishing our enterprise as the leader within our niche in Australia. Over the years, as a mother and son team, we’ve endeavored never to move far from our root vision, which was and remains, to be the best and operate the biggest rug distribution enterprise in Australia. It began with our physical retail outlet, which we branched out to meet the needs of online retail customers, to the nationwide distributor we’ve become today – serving both retail, wholesale and drop shipping clients through our online expansion countywide. For many of our client’s it’s our discerning service, as well as the variety and excellence of our products, which has led them to return to us year-on-year, building our reputation as an enterprise and elevating us to the sphere of national supplier which we currently occupy. We are proud of our achievements and hope to spread our success by partnering with businesses across the country to grow not only our influence, but theirs as well.

Business To Business

Our knowledge gained from 20 years of experience allows us to bring you the most exclusive rug collection available in Australia, featuring outstanding workmanship in the latest designs and textiles, at the most competitive price points. These rugs are sourced on our global travels where we’ve established a premier chain of supply in order to bring you an ever-evolving collection of outstanding products.

Warehouse Facilities

Our state of the art distribution center is geared to ensure that orders are dispatched quickly and efficiently, giving our business clients the edge over their competitors. With over 100 000 rugs on offer, we can accommodate both small and large order requirements. We also offer a range of accessories to enhance and expand your range, which are all carefully selected to add value to the catalogue.

Photography Studio

At Austex, we take pride in our state-of-the-art photographic studio, a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with an unparalleled shopping experience. This high-tech studio empowers us to capture product images with exceptional accuracy and detail. Our priority is to offer you a true representation of our rugs, ensuring that what you see is precisely what you'll get. In the competitive resale rug industry, where quality and authenticity matter, our advanced studio technology sets us apart. The realistic and reliable photos we produce allow you to confidently navigate our offerings, making informed decisions that align with your preferences and requirements. When browsing through our collections, you can trust that the visual presentation mirrors the actual product, giving you the confidence to choose the perfect rug for your space.

Our Mission

Refined quality, spectacular variety and service beyond extraordinary!

Join our fast expanding, exciting operation, grow your opportunities with Austex International by completing our simple registration process online. Gear up for the rug future right now.